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About Me

Me at Watkins Glen Since 2016 I have built, deployed, and maintained full stack web applications on Heroku and Jenkins. I document my work in detail using Git and am familiar with both GitHub and Bitbucket. I believe that every application should have a comprehensive test suite. Continuous integration with automated testing and deployments are key in maximizing productivity while minimizing downtime.

I am proficient in server side tools including Ruby on Rails and shell scripting. On the client side I am proficient in HTML, CSS (including SCSS), and JavaScript (including jQuery).

Since the fall of 2016, I have been a Software Engineer at Constant Contact working closely with senior engineers, sales teams, and product teams to deploy an ecosystem of three web apps that advertise on Facebook. I translate product team visions into reality through careful feature planning and execution with engineering teams.

Work History

Constant Contact, New York, NY Software Engineer, October 2016 - Present

  • Work on a small team of engineers that works closely with the sales and product teams
  • Engage in agile development including team feature planning with Jira
  • Develop and maintain three Rails apps that advertise on Facebook for small businesses and nonprofits
  • Ensure high code quality with Git, CodeClimate, and CircleCI
  • Practice test-driven development with RSpec and Capybara in comprehensive test suites
  • Deploy, monitor and debug production apps through Heroku, Honeybadger, Jenkins, New Relic, and Splunk

Flatiron School, New York, NY Online Instructor, May 2016 - October 2016

  • Assisted students learning full stack web development with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript
  • Fielded student coding and development environment questions
  • Triaged issues with the Learn integrated development environment

East Bronx Academy, Bronx, NY Teacher and Solutions Architect, Aug 2008 - September 2016


AdLauncher - Making Facebook advertising easy

  • Coordinate with a diverse team of engineers, product, and sales personnel
  • Use Rails 4.2 and gems including activeadmin, devise, ransack, state_machines, and sidekiq
  • Use Bootstrap 4 and custom SCSS to style front end
  • Process payments using the Stripe API
  • Deploy from Github to Heroku with add-ons such as Mailgun and Redis To Go
  • Connect to FacebookAdsAdapter and ConstantContact APIs

FacebookAdsAdapter - An API to simplify advertising on Facebook

  • Abstract the Facebook advertising API complexity for use on AdLauncher and Boost
  • Develop with popular gems including carrierwave, clockwork, kaminari, papertrail and puma

Boost - Boost email campaigns on Facebook

  • Maintain legacy JRuby Rails 4.1 app with Ruby 1.9.3
  • Extends ConstantContact with Facebook advertising
  • Deploy remotely with Jenkins and JRuby

Seedlr - Share positive thoughts.

  • Coordinate with remote team across geographic divide with Trello, WhatsApp, Git, and Bitbucket
  • Build out new features including data models and UI from an InVision app
  • Use JQuery and custom JavaScript to enhance front-end with asynchronous AJAX requests

Open Source Contributions

3D Printable Designs - Constructed functional and decorative designs with Blender and OpenSCAD

EBA Setup Scripts - Developed a set of scripts to automate and simplify Linux client deployment and maintenance

GNOME Shell Extensions - Crafted using GNOME JavaScript

NYC Farmer’s Markets Ruby CLI Gem - Pulled data from NYC Open Data API


Flatiron School - New York, NY - 2016

Full Stack Web Development: Ruby on Rails and JavaScript online immersive program

Wilkes University - Wilkes-Barre, PA - 2011

MS: Instructional Media

City College of New York - New York, NY - 2008

BFA: Jazz Performance and Education