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About Me

Me at Watkins Glen Since 2016 I have built, deployed, and maintained full stack web applications on Heroku, AWS and on-premise servers. I document my work in detail using Git and am familiar with GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab. I believe that every application should have a comprehensive test suite. Continuous integration with automated testing and deployments are key in maximizing productivity while minimizing downtime.

I am proficient in server side tools including Ruby on Rails and shell scripting. On the client side I am proficient in HTML, CSS (including SCSS), and JavaScript (including jQuery).

Since the spring of 2017, I have been an IAM Engineer at Weill Cornell Medicine working closely with architects, analysts, the service desk, and non-technical teams to deploy a custom ecosystem of identity management solutions. I build internal and public-facing tools to securely provide the right access and information at the right time to the right eyes.

Work History

Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, NY Identity and Access Management Engineer, May 2017 - Present

  • Work closely with technical and non-technical teams
  • Problem solve with operations and department administrators to constantly improve how individuals access a diverse set of systems
  • Maintain and develop new features for a suite of custom identity management applications built with Ruby on Rails, JRuby, and PHP
  • Closely manage and mentor a remote team of junior-level developers
  • Maintain and develop custom code to sync data from a collection of very different systems to our LDAP directory
  • Build comprehensive test suites for existing applications
  • Maintain our custom SimpleSAMLphp IDP implementation
  • Migrated an on-premise Rails app to AWS as first app in our organization to move to the cloud
  • Spearheaded my initiative to extract common custom CSS and JavaScript to a separate repository and secure public CDN hosting

Code Climate, New York, NY Software Engineer, March 2017 - May 2017

  • Work closely with the sales and product teams to update marketing pages
  • Update Middleman app with custom modules
  • Move app from Rails Asset Pipeline to Webpack
  • Build pages based on designs using HTML, SCSS, and JavaScript

Constant Contact, New York, NY Software Engineer, October 2016 - March 2017

  • Work on a small team of engineers that works closely with the sales and product teams
  • Engage in agile development including team feature planning with Jira
  • Develop and maintain three Rails apps that advertise on Facebook for small businesses and nonprofits
  • Ensure high code quality with Git, CodeClimate, and CircleCI
  • Practice test-driven development with RSpec and Capybara in comprehensive test suites
  • Deploy, monitor and debug production apps through Heroku, Honeybadger, Jenkins, New Relic, and Splunk

Flatiron School, New York, NY Online Instructor, May 2016 - October 2016

  • Assisted students learning full stack web development with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript
  • Fielded student coding and development environment questions
  • Triaged issues with the Learn integrated development environment

East Bronx Academy, Bronx, NY Teacher and Solutions Architect, Aug 2008 - September 2016

  • Designed and taught year-long curriculum for computer science and music in grades 6-12
  • Administered Google Apps for Education account with over 800 active users
  • Wrote shell scripts and custom OS images to automate Linux desktop deployments
  • Honored by Academy for Teachers for innovation as a computer science educator
  • Commissioned by PERC to create digital resources for the Exploring Computer Science curriculum
  • Commissioned by New Visions to create Google Apps for School Operations screen-cast tutorials


Web Directory - Public listing of people, departments, and services

  • Upgrade from Rails 4.1 to 5.2
  • Add departments and services to original app with only people
  • Move application from on-premise servers to AWS
  • Improve integration with Java UnboundID LDAP SDK library and JRuby
  • Improve page loading through caching and code refactoring
  • Update styles from Boostrap v3 to v4

WCM Styles - CDN-delivered shared custom assets

  • Lead my initiative to extract shared styles and utilize free CDN hosting from JSDelivr
  • Use Webpack to manage external and custom dependencies and package assets

Seedlr - Share positive thoughts.

  • Coordinate with remote team across geographic divide with Trello, WhatsApp, Git, and Bitbucket
  • Build out new features including data models and UI from an InVision app
  • Integrate with payment system and mail marketing APIs
  • Use JQuery and custom JavaScript to enhance front-end with asynchronous AJAX requests

AdLauncher - Making Facebook advertising easy

  • Coordinate with a diverse team of engineers, product, and sales personnel
  • Use Rails 4.2 and gems including activeadmin, devise, ransack, state_machines, and sidekiq
  • Use Bootstrap 4 and custom SCSS to style front end
  • Process payments using the Stripe API
  • Deploy from Github to Heroku with add-ons such as Mailgun and Redis To Go
  • Connect to FacebookAdsAdapter and ConstantContact APIs

FacebookAdsAdapter - An API to simplify advertising on Facebook

  • Abstract the Facebook advertising API complexity for use on AdLauncher and Boost
  • Develop with popular gems including carrierwave, clockwork, kaminari, papertrail and puma

Boost - Boost email campaigns on Facebook

  • Maintain legacy JRuby Rails 4.1 app with Ruby 1.9.3
  • Extends ConstantContact with Facebook advertising
  • Deploy remotely with Jenkins and JRuby

Open Source Contributions

3D Printable Designs - Constructed functional and decorative designs with Blender and OpenSCAD

EBA Setup Scripts - Developed a set of scripts to automate and simplify Linux client deployment and maintenance

GNOME Shell Extensions - Crafted using GNOME JavaScript

NYC Farmer’s Markets Ruby CLI Gem - Pulled data from NYC Open Data API


Flatiron School - New York, NY - 2016

Full Stack Web Development: Ruby on Rails and JavaScript online immersive program

Wilkes University - Wilkes-Barre, PA - 2011

MS: Instructional Media

City College of New York - New York, NY - 2008

BFA: Jazz Performance and Education